Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (aren’t you glad this isn’t audio)

A perfect morning would be… awaken at a decent hour perhaps sometime between 7 and 7:30, wash up, grab a cup of coffee, a watercolour palette, pen, brushes, paper and a large tub of water.  Sit out on the patio beneath a sky of cerulean blue and accompanied by the singing of birds, paint.  Bliss.  And lucky me, this was my morning.

Here is the result.  I sketched the birds in ink then watercoloured them.  They are painted on 4.5″ x 6.75″ rives paper. Bird-1-watercolourBird-2-watercolourBird-3-watercolour

I hope you enjoyed your morning as much as I did mine.


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3 Responses to “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (aren’t you glad this isn’t audio)”

  1. tommye scanlin Says:

    Beautiful, Lauren!

  2. K Spoering Says:

    These are lovely! Tommye Scanlin sent me to your blog. She knew I would enjoy it. I’ll be back!

  3. the Tortoise Vs. the Tapestry « Lauren Finley's Blog Says:

    […] in.  I took Tommye Scanlin’s advice and started a small tapestry of my watercolour of the rook.  Here it is in progress.  Tapestry moves along at about the same rate as a […]

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