Making Space for Creativity

This week I started re-reading The Artist’s Way.  ( The author suggests we “drain” our brains at the beginning of each day with 3 pages of written words.  A process meant to get the junk out. I have done that for 3 days now.   Ridding myself of  some of that clutter is probably as good an idea as de-cluttering my kitchen every so often.  I am amazed (and perhaps appalled) at what comes out.  And already I feel more creative…  at least I feel more space up there.  Cleared out brain drawers ready for something new to fill them.   The author suggests you make a date with yourself (your artist child) and fill the void with whatever inspires you.  No problem for me,  I am inspired by practically everything, it is discipline that I lack but I am working on that.

I have been painting regulary.  Here are a couple of birds, one done in the same vein as the last post, the other done during our recent rainy vacation.  I have done a couple of others, too, but I am not sure you really want to see those!  Maybe someday I will post on what is not working for me.  Maybe.  There is some advantage to being sole author and editor to your blog!

Grunge-Bird-2Grunge Bird   12″x12″

Grunge-Bird-1 Untitled  6″x6″

  These are done in acrylic on canvas.  I find that I am liking acrylic more and more.  It doesn’t behave the same as oils or watercolour, it is it’s own beast and taming it is more difficult because it dries quickly and you are constantly in a race to do something before it dries.  I do have a retarder (for the paint, smarty) and I am using it liberally.

Maybe someday soon I will do a painting that is larger than a square foot!


2 Responses to “Making Space for Creativity”

  1. Frank Gonzales Says:

    Awesome! Looks like you’re having fun! So glad to be part of someone’s inspiration. Stop on by my blog and give a shout sometime.

    Frank Gonzales

  2. Karen Owen Says:

    I guess I’ll have to try that writing to clear the junk, but it sounds like more work to me. However, it seems to be working for you. These birds are beautiful. Maybe I can convince you to print some out for me to use in my collages?

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