small critters make excellent subjects and sometimes good eats

I saw a spider today.  It was black and had a white triangle on it.  I walked into it’s silk thread and it fell onto what I was carrying.  At first I thought it had a piece of cut paper on it, the triangle was so perfectly shaped and pristine white.

I am not scared of spiders and bugs and find it amusing that others are.  Early in our marriage, my husband would actually let a spider get away before he gathered enough courage to kill it.    My daughter has given up shrimp and lobster because of their relationship to bugs.  She said there are two kinds of people in the world; after finding out lobsters are bugs, there are those who stop eating them and those who wonder if they would like other types of bugs.

I find some of these creatures beautiful (butterflies,moths and tiny ladybugs), some  amazing (like a walking leaf or praying mantis) and admittedly some disgusting (cockroaches and crickets).  But truly, the reason I find those so vile is not the look or even coming across one, but the thought of killing one.  They have squashy guts when you kill them.  And you cannot capture a roach to put it outside, but you should a cricket, because it is bad luck to kill one.

Here are some bugs done recently.


Cicada 6″x12″

acrylic on canvas


Moth 8″x8″

acrylic on canvas


Furry Moth 7″x5″

acrylic on canvas

and a quilt I did a few years ago


Beetlequilt 13″x18″

cotton fabric and cotton and metallic threads

Having laughed and fussed at Ken so much for all the escaped spiders in our house over the years, he has become a “quick draw” with a rolled up magazine and those that evade his swat these days, deserve to live.


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3 Responses to “small critters make excellent subjects and sometimes good eats”

  1. tommye scanlin Says:

    These would make fantastic tapestry cartoons!

  2. arlijohn Says:

    Beautiful work.

  3. Son of Incogneato Says:

    I like the Cicada and moths, but the Beetlequilt is really quite something.
    Lovely work you have here; incredibly diverse in stylist impression.
    Oh yes, the birds are excellent, too.


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