Like Daughter, Like Mother

While gazing upon the messiness that I call a studio, my mother saw a tapestry I had hanging on my bulletin board.  I guess if I called it a display board, I wouldn’t sound so junior high schoolish, would I?  (Can I write an aside on an aside?  What do you think of whenever you hear someone say “would I”?   “Hare Lip” immediately comes to my mind.  Isn’t that just horrible?!!!  I cannot even remember the stupid joke that goes with that punch line!!!  I so wish I could choose what gets erased from my memory!)

Okay, back to being an adult.

So my mother, Julia Evatt, sees this tapestry and thinks it would be a great pattern for beading.  She photocopies my tapestry and creates this wonderful little beaded necklace of the image I wove.  I strongly requested she give it to me.  And she graciously did.



2.75″x4.5″  glass beads



 4″x5.5″ cotton and wool yarn

Julia may have beaded this but she is better known for her sculptures, paintings and poetry.  I will share some of those later if she will allow it.  She would want me to tell you that her image is wider than she would have liked.  She actually beaded this on a toilet paper roll and in it’s 3 dimensional plane, what she saw and what was the reality were two different things.  Lesson to be learned, always take into account perspective.

I loved the little beaded image and now have to find just the right little black dress to  pair with it!  For more of my tapestry images (and others too!) visit  This is a blog artist, Tommye Scanlin set up for her tapestry students.  I have posted a few images there.   Visit the archives to find them.

Editor’s note:  Please forgive any insensitive remarks made in this post.  They are the direct result of having survived junior high school.


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