Pebble Quilting

This is a blog for show and tell.  I didn’t think that  would be difficult but it is when I am unproductive!  So that you may see and listen, I am forced to dig into the archives again and show you pieces done some time ago. These are what I call my “Pebble Quilts”. I traced my drawings onto freezer paper having broken it down into colors and values (think stained glass). Using those pieces as a pattern, I cut the fabric and glued (with washable fabric glue) them to a backing fabric. These quilts are small and some of the pieces of fabrics are as little as 1/4″.  Being so small, the skin tones of the face have only 3 or 4 different fabrics.  A larger piece can have 8 to 10 fabrics for the skin alone.

When the pieces are all placed correctly, I sew it together on the machine using little circular motions.   Rather like making a figure eight over and over again, ending up looking like bunches of pebbles.  Hence the term pebble quilts. It sounds repetitive but it is so much fun using the sewing machine in a free form motion.  Attach that darning foot, drop those feed dogs and go for it!  What freedom it is not to have to sew a straight line!


(You might recognize this face from my earlier post: The Profile)



For those who don’t sew, “Feed Dogs” is the technical name for the little grippy thingies on the sewing machine that “walk” the fabric under the needle.


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2 Responses to “Pebble Quilting”

  1. Kelly Vettraino Says:

    How did you ever come up with this technique? I absolutely love it! I have accomplished quite a bit in the sewing arena but this makes me feel like a hack. Do you have these framed? This makes me want to dust off my sewing machine!

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