Writing on Writing



I have been practicing my copperplate calligraphy style for my future career as a calligrapher.  I read up on this style of writing.  It was originally called roundhand in England and came into practice after the printing press was created.  The makers of the plates for printing had a harder time creating the block lettering (uncial and such) popular at the time (think Old English typestyles) and this was an easier engraving to make.  And since they used copper plates it became known as copperplate style.  In America, it became known as Spencerian.  Can’t remember why.

It is not really easy for me to do.  And the pen nibs break easily but my sweet husband went to Pearl’s today and bought me more.  I will keep practicing and be ready to address your invitations!  Just let me know!!!

Oh, and while seaching thru my attic, I came across Wm. Shakespeare’s signature.  Up for sell, any takers?



One Response to “Writing on Writing”

  1. Steven Excalibur Kent Shaffer the 42nd Says:

    Isn’t Calligraphy the movie about that Roman deviant guy? Man, he was NOT a team player!

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