Collaborative Effort

It is not too often I would hand my pastel over to someone and say “want to have a go?”, but this is exactly what I did a couple of nights ago to my daughter.  I had started this portrait and she was standing over my shoulder.  I could hear her mentally critiquing it  and I thought, why not just let her “fix” it?  She put her talents to work and improved the likeness.  After she had two days on which to work on it, I  took back over and added my final 2 cents worth.  Suzannah hasn’t seen it yet, wonder what she will say….

You may notice one image is upside down.  This is a good exercise to do with your paintings and drawings while you are observing them.  Usually, any major errors in form and color will be glaring right at you this way.  It also helps with composition.  If your composition doesn’t work upside down, it probably isn’t working right side up either.   This trick  usually works when you observe your work thru a mirror too.  I don’t know what mirror image upside down does to a painting!  Sometimes, I like my work better upside down.  Such is the case here!

This was done in pastel on the block printed linen from a few posts back.




12″x18″  pastel on linen


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One Response to “Collaborative Effort”

  1. Suzannah Says:

    You changed everything I did. I don’t think it counts as a collaborative effort–I wasn’t mentally critiquing it, by the way, I was just looking. It does look good, it would just look better with higher contrast (i.e. the way I had it).

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