Lounge Chair Birdwatching

Either I am just getting old and therefore enjoy pasttimes as others who fall within a similar age frame, or birdwatching has become a very popular hobby.  I am hoping it is the latter, but since I sit daily out in the backyard watching  the birds hanging out at the feeder, perhaps the former is a more apt description.  Key word there is sit.  Because that is what you have to do to watch the birds.  They soon forget you are there and you become a scientist observing wild creatures in their natural habitat all the while drinking your hot coffee snuggled in your most comfy lounge chair.

And this is my oberservation.  Female cardinals are mean.  Or at least one at my feeder is.   Maybe she had her eyes on a brilliant red male and was fighting off competition or was just plain hungry, but she kept chasing away any other female cardinal that came to the feeder.  And in the process all the other little birds stayed away too.  But I have seen many species visiting the feeder and they are all so wonderful (exception, none are wonderful for some time after watching Hitchcock’s “The Birds”). 

My favorite birds are the mourning doves.  I just love their slow movements and laid back attitude.   Study them and pigeons sometime.  The iridescent colors that shimmer on their feathers are beautiful.  Then, as an exercise in observation, sit back and try to name the colors you just saw.  You may be surprised at what you hear yourself name. Doves and pigeons will never again look like dull or dirty birds to you.

Tonight at the dinner table, ask a “Suzannah kind of question”.   If you could be a bird, what kind would you be and why?



Here are two birds with ribbons done in acrylic.


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5 Responses to “Lounge Chair Birdwatching”

  1. Sonya Chasey Says:

    What lovely rich colours . I like how you’ve broken up the space behind the birds. How big are the paintings?

    Good luck and don’t get scared of approaching galleries. I got put off this idea totally when I was in my 20s. I finally summoned the courage to go to a gallery & in fact the person was very positive , but then my father told me they always say positive stuff & it doesn’t mean anything so basically I gave up.
    Years later I hope I’ve got past that now & am also intending to approach galleries but closer to when I have an exhibition.

  2. laurenfinley Says:

    Thanks Sonya,
    These are small, only 5″ square. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel as though I have to paint some more before I approach galleries. It has been a while since I painted on a regular basis. Good luck with your exhibition.

  3. Marion Says:

    These are sooooo lovely! BTW, though my favourite birds are crows, I think I´d be a blackbird or a titmouse …

  4. jeanie Says:

    Hi, Laurie, I come from Karen’s blog! Welcome to the blog world! Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. And I especially love the birds. Mourning doves are one of my faves, too!

  5. Leslie Wood Says:

    Lauren! such beautiful work! I saw your link on Karen’s blog and I’m so glad… You have such wonderful tallents!!! both of you… -Leslie

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