More Linocuts

I have been working on a paying job!  I have been addressing envelopes for a young woman’s wedding, my first commission as a calligrapher!  It is taking some time, so the jury is still out as to whether this is a viable occupation or not!  But the envelopes are looking pretty.  If they didn’t have names and addresses on them, I would show them to you!

Instead, I will show some more block prints I did about a year ago.  These are small, 2″ x 2″ each and are printed on scrapbook paper.  I had printed some and made cards of them.  Those were individually watercoloured  and most sold at a wonderful little gallery that is unfortunately now closed.


and after all those organic images, here is an old fashioned sewing machinesewing-machine

I know I should approach other galleries with my work, but have not gathered the courage.  I need to keep repeating to myself “what is the worse that can happen?” and go for  it.  Soon.



5 Responses to “More Linocuts”

  1. Andi Says:

    Laurie…I love your block prints…as well as all of your other art!! Karen mentioned you had started a blog so I rushed to it to see what you had been up to. Awesome! You should run to galleries to show them your art…they will love it! Thanks for sharing it woth us….
    hugs, Andi

  2. Joanne Thieme Huffman Says:

    Laurie, Karen sent me over to see your blog and I’m very glad she did. I just had a delightful time scrolling through your art. Love it all. I think I may be most impressed by your pastels, but everything is wonderful and I don’t want you to think Ithat means I’m not in awe of your other work. Now, hustle over to a gallery and get your art on display!

  3. Donata Says:

    Hi Laurie,you wont believe it,(haha) but your big sis Karen also urged me to go and see your art.You are a wonderfull artist and I will certainly drop by your blog on a regular basis.If I were you, I`d take a deep breath, compose a good portfolio, which shouldnt be a problem in your case, and show it to every gallery owner in sight.You make such a versatile body of work and of such high quality, that you shouldnt be affraid to give it a go.And if any one of those gallerists is not interested in your work,(probably your worst case scenario) just remember it has nothing to do with the quality of your work , believe you me; it`s just with which specific style of work they want to represent their vision on art.So why not give it a go?Your work is absolutely more than good enough.Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. jackie smith Says:

    Wow! I am so glad that your sister Karen told me about your blog – what an amazingly talented person you are!! I love everything that I saw here! Your work is soulful and detailed and brilliant! I know your mom is proud to have such talented daughters!!

  5. jeanie Says:

    Wow — wedding envelopes? That’s pressure! These block prints are handsome, but I have to admit to being especially fond of the bunny. I can’t resist a good bunny!

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