How to come up with an original craft or how to totally wreck your studio

Recently, I was approached by my newest BFF, April Harwood, to think about teaching a crafting class for ladies at my church.  Knowing that it would be fun, I gladly accepted.  It was left to me to come up with an idea.  I thought there must be a happy medium between what I guide the preschoolers to make each week and the overly complicated Jacob’s Ladder shown in a previous post.  So, the challenge was to decide on what to make and make a prototype which could be used for marketing and to do it with a short deadline, one full week.

How to come up with an original craft idea.

Editor’s note: You can’t.  Everything has been done before as evident by the number of books published on crafting as shown in Step 3 below.  Accept that and make whatever your own. 

Step 1.  Ponder for 3 full days on it.

Step 2.  Send son to UGA, daughter to Gainesville and husband to office.  With an empty house and available time, change pondering to fretting over what to do.

Step 3.  Look thru a gazillion books for inspiration.


Step 4.  Tear up the studio creating a prototype.


There is a drawing board somewhere below this.  Really.drawing-board

Step 5.  Borrow from ideas of the past (thanks Catherine Moore ) and patterns from books.  Look at purchased books of the same sort for construction details.

Step 6.  Paint, cut, glue, iron, punch, and string together paper, cloth and ribbon to create a carousel book. 



Step 7.  Hope that the ladies will want to make their own!

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming crafting night at GracePointe Marietta.



One Response to “How to come up with an original craft or how to totally wreck your studio”

  1. Becky McBrayer Farmer Says:

    I received something similar in May. It had a student photo on each surface. I will treasure this keepsake of my last class always.

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