If it’s Monday, I must be using Pastels…

Actually most of this was done on Sunday.  I showed it to my son and received a “Wow”; my nephew and was pleased to get an “Awesome”; and then to my daughter who said, “You need to make her neck darker”.

Oh well, she was right. 

If my last post was Esther this must be Salome.  There is no innocence about this woman.  It is a new technique for me, painting on a commercially printed linen I have mounted onto a masonite board.  I think I like it.



pastel  12″x12″


5 Responses to “If it’s Monday, I must be using Pastels…”

  1. Steven Excalibur Kent Shaffer the 42nd Says:

    Lauren, is that for sale? I would love to have it for my church.

  2. peekdesign Says:

    You are really doing a fabulous job with the blog! Put a price on everything – they’ll sell themselves.

  3. Struggling on « Lauren Finley's Blog Says:

    […] Rome Art Coterie’s opening reception  is tonight.   I have a pastel in it, go here to see which one.  Better yet,  just go to the show.  It is thru April at the River City Bank on […]

  4. Joan Baragar Says:

    I love it. Can you come here or we go there and learn this? I hope to see you tonight at the bird thing. Wear a feather. Love joan

  5. Carol Massey Says:

    WOW, is right, Lauren. You inspire me. Keep up the good work. Never will I tire of your delightful bird nests. Nest egg would have been a good topic for the Monday morning group.

    Loved the pastel and the idea of the printed linen. Who would have thought. Congrats on the judge’s nod, too. If I was judge, you would have been best in show and I have no prejudice 🙂 C

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