It’s Child’s Play

Go back to your school days in home ec. and remember what it was like to cut out a garment and sew it together.  Do you recall how complicated it seemed?  Especially trying to make that tubular shaped sleeve fit into a round flat hole?

I am here to tell you that  understanding patterns and sewing a garment from one, is child’s play compared to creating a Jacob’s Ladder, a simple toy to play with but a complicated feat of engineering to create!

Today, I played host to the First Friday Play date with several sweet women who gather to make stuff.  The host has the privilege of deciding what to create.  I think my idea to create a Jacob’s Ladder was perhaps not my best.  I couldn’t explain how to make it although I had  made two as practice!   Ask any of those frustrated women in attendance!  But with silence and concentration, I managed to put one together.

And let me tell you, I am proud of myself for having figured it out!  It’s not easy!  

wm morris ladder 2




My son, Taylor, recorded my “William Morris Ladder”  in action!

I have called it  the William Morris Ladder because of his designs which I cut from a postcard book to put on the sides.  Then I used two of his quotes to make it a “reading” book and not just a “picture” book in addition to  being an interactive toy book.   One of quotes reads “If you cannot learn to love real art, at least learn to hate sham art”.   I think this little “artistic” effort may fall into the sham category but I feel smarter for having made it!  And to those who came, thanks for your patience and good luck.



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