Pride and (just a little) Prejudice

I am very excited!  Suzannah is coming home tomorrow after having been an unit counselor at Camp Juliette Low ( all summer!  Well, I should say she is passing thru (long enough to eat lunch with us) on her way to Myrtle Beach for a week in the sun, but who could possibly deny her that after having spent the entire summer in the woods.   I cannot wait to spend some quality time with her.

So, while thinking of her, I decided to share her very first real painting.  This is a self-portrait she did in her first painting class at UGA.  Can you guess just how very proud of her I am???  And she even made  the doll she is holding, too!


Self Portrait by Suzannah Finley

40″ x 31″      oil on canvas

I have been working on the first two angels in my series and have started the third.  I am showing it at an even earlier stage than the others, having just finished the charcoal drawing on the canvas.  I am finding photoshop so much fun as a tool in painting.  No longer do I have to do thumbnail sketches (I always hated that process), I can play with the composition in photoshop and even alter colors if I like! 


I have this image in my head of my great-great-grandchildren seeking my final resting place and after much searching thru the brambles they will stumble across my grave, brush off the spider webs covering the headstone, and grow excited as they make out my name.  I guess I won’t request an angel like this looking down upon me… she would likely make it way too easy to find me and take all the fun out of the search!



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