Works in Progress

If you ever have a desire to take a jaunt through a cemetery, I can highly recommend the Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome, Georgia.   As melancholy as it sounds, I think the trip my mother, daughter, sisters and I took through it last year’s Mother’s Day was one of the most fun days I had all year.  We were looking for my great-grandparent’s graves and although we were not able to find them, the trip was so worthwhile in what we did find.   We found dozens of beautiful stone carvings in the form of angels, tombs, and monuments.  It is sad to think that we have relinquished this form of sculptural memoriam to our loved ones in favor of a flat stone that makes maintaining grass easier.

I took dozens and dozens of pictures. 

stone angel 1 copystone angel 2 copy

These are the painterly beginnings of a series of  stone angels I want to do from those pictures.  I still have lots of work to do on them but thought I would share them showing some of the process of painting.  I find that it is the process of  creating I enjoy most.  The end result of that effort holds little value for me. 

I can only say I am glad God did not  feel the same way!


One Response to “Works in Progress”

  1. steve Says:

    amazing post today; perhaps my favorite yet. You do have a gift both in art and words

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