The Ghosts of Quilters Past

I am not as prolific as the calendar rapidly spitting out days.  I cannot keep up my production to post every 2 or 3 days so today, I am deliberately pulling things out from the past.

I was blessed with 2 wonderful grandmothers, one old enough to be the other’s mother.  Mama Evatt, the older,  was such a lady, seemily very proper and lovely always with the sweetest look upon her face.  But in my eyes, she was old (she was 72 when I was born, that was old back then and so young today!) and therefore a little frail, a little unapproachable, a little distance.

Grandmama, the younger, always seemed so young in comparison.  Even in her mid nineties!   She was an open-armed, loveable grandmother with hot cocoa and cake with fudge icing  always available.  She even made my Barbie Doll clothes! 

These women had something in common though, they both quilted!  Anyone reading this who knows better can correct me, but Mama Evatt must have made quilts in her middle aged years.  I was given a box of scraps from her basement years ago.  Included was a pieced quilt top made from bark cloth.   Being ignorant at the time, I washed it to get years of mustiness off it.  It shredded to pieces and I  so regret it.  Grandmama made quilts to her dying days, I would guess she made more that 50 quilts over her years.  I am lucky enough to have a few of them.

These art quilts are made from photos of my grandmothers.  They are raw edged applique, made with trial and error and love.  The first was entered into the “Georgia Celebrates Quilts” 2003 show and won an honorable mention.  I was very honored!


Mama Evatt  

12″x 13″  cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, machine quilted

GrandmamaGrandmama  7″ x 8″  

Cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, machine quilted

While I am sharing from my past, here is an art quilt I did of my father’s 4 sisters.  I don’t know if any of them quilted, but they sure look like they had fun when they got together and they all had (and my aunt Nonie still has) that same sweet smile their mother had.  My favorite thing about this quilt is the sun shining so brightly in it.

Sister-and-her-sistersSister and Her Sisters  

12″ x 12″  cotton fabric, cotton and rayon threads, machine quilted

My husband heard recently that tests are being run to see how quilting might effect Alzheimer’s disease.  I am sorry I cannot find a link to give you,  but for the record, both my grandmothers lived past the age of 95 with very healthy memories  intact!



One Response to “The Ghosts of Quilters Past”

  1. Ellen Evatt Says:

    I love these! You did such a fine job of creating the shadows in the dresses of the aunts. The quilt of Mama looks just like her. I had rescued some of Mama’s quilts from her basement after she died and I was at the house with Daddy. They were down there after the house was cleaned out and apparently were left for the trash. I told Daddy I would like to take them and he looked at me like I was nuts. They were patchwork quilts made from their old clothing. Sadly, they were ruined in my own basement a couple of years ago when I had a flood. I used one to cover a wicker sofa because I wanted enjoy it even though it was a bit tattered. That was the only one that survived.

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