Pen and Ink and Watercolour

I have a degree in architecture.  But you probably know that if you are reading this.  Life has been difficult for those of us in this business because there is no business in architecture at the moment!  Ken, the architect husband, goes to work daily each morning and comes home each evening and somehow manages to fill the in-between time at his office.   But there just doesn’t seem to be much reason for me to go into the office lately, especially when I can fill my time quite nicely in my studio.  Disarranged or not.

At one time we, at Peek Design Group, thought maybe I could fill some hours creating pen and ink drawings of homes and interesting or historic buildings.


This is as far as we/I got.  It is a rendering of an arts and crafts style home in Asheville, N.C. we toured a few years ago while at the Arts and Crafts Conference there.  It is done from a photograph in pen and ink with a watercolour wash.  If, by chance, you are interested in having your home rendered in this style, give Peek Design Group a call.  We still have some time on our hands.

Image size 9.5″x 7.5″    Matted size – 14″x 11″


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2 Responses to “Pen and Ink and Watercolour”

  1. Shawn Fisher Says:

    Understanding your pain still to this day in 2011 your work is very relaxing. Keep up the great work and hopefully by no you do not have any down time. Peace!

  2. Donna Says:

    I have just been reading through your posts and have learned so much!

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