I’ve never seen a purple cow but I’ve seen plenty of red ones

I have not been painting much over the last few years.  I am trying to do more painting and now I have more time, it is a little easier to fit in. But oil painting is very messy and my studio doesn’t have enough room to leave out the paraphernalia that comes with it.  But out it is now and, hopefully, I will stay at it for a while. At least long enough to finish a painting or two.

I went to Missouri several years ago to visit with my husband’s family.  As we were driving around the “back 40” the sun was shining  on the most beautiful  red cow.  My words cannot do the image justice and I have no idea what kind of cow a red one is … but it was glorious.

My father-in-law thought I was some sort of idiotic in-bred city girl.  We all have our predjudices.

I have been working on this red calf painting for the last 2 days.


24″x24″ oil on canvas 


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