It is time I did something

So my something is to follow the crowd and start a blog.  Specifically to show some of my art.  This goes against my nature so any encouragement you give will be greatly appreciated.

My first piece to share.  A portrait.  Faces are about the only constant in my art.  The medium of choice changes with the hour, but I love observing  faces.  Each is beautiful and so unique.  This face came from an old black and white photogragh of a young woman.  I think she now looks end-of-the-day tired.  Something I am very familiar with. 




5″x7″ pastel on pastel board



4 Responses to “It is time I did something”

  1. Marylea Says:

    Lauren, I am so proud of you for doing this. You should share your work and talent. I wish I had a fraction of your ability to create these beautiful pieces of art. I know your blog will be popular with hundreds of hits every day. I will certainly bookmark it and visit often….although….I’d rather come to your disarranged studio! Love the name. ml

  2. laurenfinley Says:

    Thanks Marylea. What a sweet thing to say. You come over anytime and help me rearrange it. Please??!!!

  3. juliaevatt Says:

    I had already seen this at your house, of course, but am sharpening my computer skills and managed to pull it up finally. I’m so proud of you!
    Keep painting, please.

  4. Joan Baragar Says:

    I would love to see your “campay in style of” and read the comments.

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